Products that increase potency

Proper balanced nutrition affects the health of the body as a whole and sexual function in particular. In nature, there is a large number of stimulants. Even the ancient men noticed how a particular product enhances sexual attraction. Unfortunately, several centuries ago there was no other choice. Today, you can buy a modern drug that effectively helps in bed, which contains Tadalafil, Vardenafil or Sildenafil. However, do not neglect the wisdom of ancestors. It makes sense to use knowledge, so carefully accumulated and tested for years.

Contrary to the widespread stereotype, “real men’s food” is not bologna and sausages. What products will help raise testosterone levels and increase potency? Attention, men! Armed with a piece of paper and a pencil, well, you can still use Viagra and Kamagra too. So, the list, which must be taken with you on your next trip to the supermarket or to the market is as follows.



Only a few grams of cashews or walnuts replenish the daily rate of zinc, and it is the most important assistant in the development of testosterone. In addition, of course, to Levitra and Viagra. If there are problems with blood circulation, which is known to play an important role in sexual function in men, eat almonds. Due to the high content of amino acids, it promotes the expansion of blood vessels and circulation of blood in the body.


Vegetables, fruits, berries

Choose those where there is a lot of vitamin C as it is a wonderful regulator of male potency. Add quickly to your basket all kinds of citrus, kiwi, bell pepper, cabbage, currant berries – and you do not have to run after Cialis or Levitra at a critical moment. By the way, a large dose of vitamin C is present in the berries of the dog rose. Tincture or tea with its fruits is a real vitamin bomb for those who are not used to disappoint women.Spices and seasonings

It is believed that southern men are the hottest in bed. Science has not proven if it is true. But let’s look at what they eat. No eastern dish can do without all sorts of spices and seasonings. Cardamom, red pepper, curry, turmeric, cumin – a whole bunch of useful flavors. Anyone can choose something to the taste.



All kinds of greenery are a very necessary meal for real men. To add it to ready-made meals or to eat it in its pure form is a matter of taste, but it’s exactly useful! Cilantro is the only one with which you need to be more careful. In a small amount, it is useful, but if overdo it can give the opposite effect. But to certainly not make a mistake with the dose, it is reasonable to buy Dapoxetine and swim in a sea of pleasure. By the way, the greens from the bottom of the sea are also an excellent option. It’s not about seaweed, but about sea kale. It has a whole bunch of trace elements. Laminaria can even compete with the most important untwisted aphrodisiac – oysters, but it is incomparably cheaper.



What kind of man will do without a juicy appetizing entrecote! Meat contains valuable protein and amino acids, without which there can be no talk of love. It is better to give preference to beef or mutton. Do not forget about the birds, the red meat of the turkey, too, has a lot of necessary zinc.



Take any sea reptile – you will not be mistaken: shrimp, mussels, squids, octopuses… And of course the queen of all aphrodisiacs is an oyster. The taste is like good sex! An interesting fact: the highest concentration of nutrients is found during the active reproduction. With such a menu, Cialis, and Kamagra you will definitely become the master of all women of the world!



No wonder men are so fond of fishing; however, they do not always come back from there with a catch. It’s good that you can always go to the store or to the market to buy it. Which fish is better to choose? Preference is given to the marine; it is rich in trace elements, easily digested and, with regular use, increases sexuality no worse than modern drugs: Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Dapoxetine. Salmon fish also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for the normal production of testosterone – the main male hormone.



Let’s say amicably “thanks” to the bees. The product of their vital activity perfectly copes with the stimulation of male potency. And in tandem with nuts, you get such a powerful cocktail that only Levitra or Viagra can match!



It will be ideally if you live in the countryside and daily use natural dairy products. Milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, curdled cream, cheese – everything will do the good for business. Of course, not everyone can have a cow, but any man can buy Dapoxetine or Kamagra.



Well, they are so well known in this area! Cholesterol from egg yolk is a natural material for building testosterone. Pay special attention to quail eggs – they contain a high content of amino acids and microelements involved in the sexual system. But chicken eggs are also quite fit.